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Guide to the steps of organizing a successful birthday party

March 18 2021 , Written by Weddingplannervietnam

To have a successful birthday party, plan to prepare at least 3 weeks in advance. If something unexpected happens, you will promptly consider and make changes to make the event go smoothly. Check out the following suggestions with Bliss event decoration company in Vietnam. We will guide you to a successful party.

Suggest steps to organize a birthday party

Find the idea to organize a birthday party

Event ideas will help you get the best direction in the planning process. You need to understand the goal that you are aiming for to make the best choices. You can celebrate birthdays with a variety of styles and themes. Therefore, learn about the topic you want to work on and plan on it.

Define guest list

The guest list affects the budget, event location, menu, event format so let’s define the guest list before proceeding to the next steps. Based on the guest list, you will be better prepared for the event.

Select a venue

What style do you want to celebrate your birthday? Each style will have a different way to choose locations.

For example, if you like a relaxing event, outdoor birthday parties in the garden will be the best suggestion. If you like a luxury one and hotels, restaurants will fulfill that requirement.

In addition, you can also organize in resorts, houses, resorts, and more.

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Script the program

What activities will the birthday party have? You should plan and prepare for those activities. You can also invite artists and singers to contribute to the program.

Make a budget for the birthday party

To ensure your budget for the event, please prepare the following details for 4 cash flows:

Event equipment includes equipment, rented machinery, rewards, decorative tools, gifts, and more.

Personnel includes program support personnel, cameramen, photographers, guest performers, MCs, and more.


Venue: If you want the party to be held outdoors, you need to rent a private venue. As for the party held in the house, the venue will be calculated with the number of banquet tables.

Eating and drinking: The choice of the banquet menu also largely affects the budget. Therefore, you need to choose a menu that suits the majority of attendees' tastes.

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